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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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smell it. >> air quality affected and reaching unhealthy levels this playground is normally packed and today we saw only one parent and two kids many schools like horace mann elementary practiced shelter m place. >> students were kept indoors and activities were limited. >> we want to make sure they're not overexerting their lungs. >> tomorrow will be another spare the air day. vic lee, abc7 news >> well, this bad air means an unprecedented, 11 straight spare the air lert is in effect and it continues sandhya patel is here, any wind or rain? that could clear this air out? >> yes. we'll be seeing some stronger winds tomorrow night
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it's going to get breezy by thursday, blustery. bringing us fresher air. advise yiblth down to five miles. oakland area as well. you can see just how poor air quality is. valley,ed moderate. we're expecting better air quality going into thursday. i'll let you know how this is going to affect you other than the fact you'll be able to breathe easier. >> the family of a young oak reasoned girl is getting a reprieve. doctors declared the 13-year-old, jahi mcmath brain dead the family received a little mer
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ti -- more time. >> reporter: this morning jahi's family arrived with a letter from an attorney asking the little girl remain on life support. that did seem to buy more time. but at the same time, they did tell us this afternoon that the latest tests still show no brain activity. >> she is alive. to me. she's not dead. >> the family of a 13-year-old girl on life support at childrens hospital says she wilt not be unplugged from a vent later not now. >> the hospital has now backed off from the efforts to remove life support. that the efforts have been brought forth today have bought the family very important time. >> accord together family this was the day childrens hospital oakland was planning to take jahi mcmath off life support the hospital declared her brain dead, under california law has
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no obligation to keep her alive in spite of family wishes. >> we're happy they backed off. we're not on doctor time anymore. we're on god's time. just providing us more time to get together and pray. >> the family claims jahi came in for a routine tonsillectomy and ended up having a heart attack. >> the doct doctors are just humans with a degree. so i believe that god has the final say so. for my daughter. and i just want everybody to pray for her, everywhere. >> today, children's hospital offered this statement about the case, quote unfortunately we've not been authorized to share information with the public about this matter, we're in the able to correct misperceptions created about this sad situation n oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> a strike team of firefighters is headed to big sur to battle that wildfire. so far, the fire destroyed 15 homes, burned 550
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acres and forced people to evacuate. it broke out on sunday is 5% contained the fire season usually peak by fall and ends by now so this is unusual mid december. it's different this year because of drought conditions in areas persist. >> a construction crew punctured an underground gas line on the alameda that line is now capped. >> santa rita jail is under lock down at this hour, that is because of an explosion inside of the kitchen. 11 people are hurt. >> official says there was no foul play involved this, was an accident the oven door which is big just
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blew off. blown off. just to give you an idea, that is a seven by three feet. one inmate was hit bit on the head. firefighters rushed to the jail after an explosion occurred in the kitchen. >> 11:45 this morning, and there was an explosion. it had a significant overpressure blew the door off. >> size of the door is seven feet wide. it blew off and hit one inmate in the head.. six others were hurt but treated at the jail. inside of the commercial kitchen are several offens dating back to 1989. >> upon arrival view crews found
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a natural gas explosion. and we had people appearing to be injured and turned from a fire into a medical call. >> investigators trying to determine what caused this explosion and if there was a gas leak the kitchen cooks meals for thousands of inmates. >> we have a three-day supply we don't anticipate this to affect the food of the inmates here. so we're set there. and again this, is a baking oven. it's not critical. >> the kitchen will remain closed while the investigation continues. in dublin abc7 news. >> well, turns out home that collapsed overnight in san francisco belongs to mel murphy who was a member of the city's building inspection commission for six years. abc7 news obtained this photo of the house
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from a neighbor taken saturday it shows what the home looked like before the collapse. neighbors had been fighting the ren yes vacation since 2009 demanding answers to ensure he did not get preferred treatment on this project. >> safety is paramount. mr. murphy, anyone associated has to add theer levels of safety protocols that is the work to make sure it's safe for everybody. >> engineers spent the day trying to determine what caused this home to tumble. there are no answers. >> bart service stopped this morning police dwelt a man on the tracks. sky seven shows us
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the man. police cut power to the tracks and negotiated with the man. the man was taken to the hospital. >> a mill valley man fell off a bridge friday will face attempted murder and domestic violence charges prosecutors say it appears was trying to crash into the bay. witnesses intervened grabbing her leg and he fell in. he was rescued an hour later gators say he had been acting paranoid. the couple has three young children. >> goodness. >> coming up, saving money with michael finney. >> tax hot line is open. see? look. they're in the on the phone. give them a call.
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>> a distracted father. you're going to seat diving catch that saved a baby's life. >> who is in and out? white houseguest list and future of america's tech policy. >> plus a paramedic and spirit of
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we're waiting to learn the names of the soldiers killed in a crash in southern afghanistan this morning it appears the engine failed over zabul provence. officials say no reports of enemy fire as
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reported earlier. the troops part of the nato international force. >> a gunman killed one person and injured two others at regional medical center. officials say he came into the hospital with one gun and shot three people before killing himself. >> president obama tapped a former microsoft executive to take over the web site. kurt dellvine replacing an advisor brought in to overhaul the web site after the disastrous launch. fixing the web site was a main topic for a meeting. athe
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titans attending today are notably different than in 2011, including steve jobs, mark zuckerberg and heads of google, oracle, netflix, san stored, and cisco. today, heads of etsy, drop box, comcast, linkedn, microsoft and at and t. experts say the differences show which companies the president believes will shape the future of america's tech policy. >> that is interesting. >> what do you do before the end of the year? it could earn you money next year. >> it could. michael finney is live with the year end tax hot line. >> a lot of it comes down to, first phone number is what i
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should do first. this to which tax deductions you take. >> should you put off paying property taxes until next year? or prepay this year? >> it's complex. as always it depends on flar fact pat yesh of the individual. depending on what income levels are are you can wind up with deductions phased out, you can possibly wind up in a thachl would take away benefits. >> but theory is take it when you know you're going to get it? >> that is the best advise i've
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heard. >> congress can change their mind on what you think is going to happen. right? >> and maybe you'll have more income or something you know then you need to do the analysis. >> taxes are going up next year on high income earners. >> is that is a good idea to plan and before the end of the year, as soon as possible. >> and you can start the process right now. all guys will be here until 8:00 and are back to work now. a couple minutes you saw
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them loafing. >> good they're busy. >> our food drive continues. >> that is correct. >> spencer? >> right here in san francisco marin food banks. we've got one here, joining me is andrew. a food drive organizationer. tell me what you're doing. >> we've worked to have a food drive in our station to have an opportunity to bring food in. well as working with rainbow grocery tochlt play with equipment and also,
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opportunity to help as well. >> you're helping to meet the meet and have been doing it several years. >> yes. yes. >> how many volunteers or paramedics are working with you? >> well, we have roughly 108 in san francisco. and have about dozen for food drives. >> you can make a donation by texting the word feed to and so open your hearts and wallets and make a donation. >> you stril a chance to win
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$7,000 cash. just click give were you live. and again we're going to donate $one to food banks for you. and santa claus. >> going to the airport with kids can be hectic. the surveillance video shows a loiboy in a table. and all of a sudden he tumbles forward but a screener dives in and catches the toddler before he hits the ground. and it's hard to see there but the boy is okay. >> from falling babies to ice, cameras captured sheets of it dropping from the roof of a building in texas near dallas fort worth. she told a station
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the ice fly off of an suv into the plain next to her >> they look like paper, they do >> yes. >> we don't have anything like that here >> another mild day >> absolutely. temperatures mid-60s. we're going hill, a good time to have a shift in the wind. cooler weather and will bring an improvement in air quality, it's coming. high clouds noshg rain but may see drizzle or showers showing up. from our camera we're seeing a beautiful after glow of the sunset here. 56 in oakland. 57 san jose. temperatures dropping
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from our camera, not a lot less. petaluma, fairfield sheer what i do want to show you the wind we've been seeing thursday, i think it will be better for those of you that have. from our camera camera, still pollution trapped down near the surface. colder conditions thursday with gusty winds kicking
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front. watch what happens here. high level clouds. drizzle tomorrow night. it's going to be chillier. temperatures mid 0s to upper 40s. this is good news. it's not going to be freezing cold in the morning. into afternoon, partly to cloudy skies. temperatures cooler, mid-50s low 60s. looking at the accu-weather forecast, 11th straight one, issued for a slight chance of a drizzle. temperatures into 50s. friday morning's cold. mild hitting
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weekend. a mild pattern christmas eve as well. no signs of major storms. if you're like me this is your chance to do last minute shopping this weekend. >> last minute means all of i >> exactly. >> mccartney has it all. >> that story co
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>> so called dooms day minister has died. he first predicted rap tour would happen in 1994, then, 2011 blaming errors on
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miscalculations camping was 92 years old oochl plans to build more housing in squaw valley has v.been scaled back now. investigators say they're cutting the number and looking to build fewer condos and reduce the size of a camp. environmentalists concerned it will damage wetlands. nra suing the city of sunnyvale saying the city's new ordinance banning clips with more than ten rounds is arbitrary and un-constitutional. it's the second lawsuit against measure consid measure c. >> twitter ais going to allow users make minor changes smchlt say twitter's initial public offering prompted this move.
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investors want assurances that sit work toing keep false information from going viral. >> last concert beatles performed was in candle stick park in 1966. now, a former beatle may return, officials confirmed paul mccartney is in negotiations to perform before it gets torn down z watch this. >> paul mccartney gives the man a tee shirt. it was him. >> he enjoyed the game in philadelphia the he roblly can get anything he wants except for what he wanted at that moment. someone send him something, right? >> that is cute. >> now, he may just buy the whole team. >> this is what we're going feel
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hose who've been denied high speed internet. ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 the collapse of this home and owners sections have neighbors so upset. and three months ago, wildfire who destroyed dozens of home. and it's coming up in a half hour at 6:00. >> thank you. >> see you then. >> tonight's megamillion pay out
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is the second largest in history. you can win >> sure. if you do? here is a check list of advice from experts. first sign a ticket. or take a selfie with the ticket. >> and get financial experts. >> and third, think about hiring a pr person. and if you don't win there is always next time. >> people telling us what they'd did do with winnings. >> juan wrote try not to have a heart attack. >> good start, juan. and there >> we have an office pool. >> we can practice with a selfie. >> it's true. >> that is governoring to do it
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for us. >> from all of welcome to "world news." tonight, weapons seized, exclusive new video, more weapons than ever before found at the airport. 37 guns in just one week. who is trying to get them on board and why? double whammy, out west an out-of-control wildfire. even the fire chief watches her home go up in flames. and in the northeast, a slippery new winter blast. lucky numbers, countdown to tonight's giant lottery drawing, closing in on $1 billion, how one lucky person won the lottery three times. good evening to you on this tuesday night. we begin with an abc news exclusive.


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